Golden Phoenix International

Golden Phoenix International

Golden Phoenix International is a California based firm specializing in contract sewing and outsourcing for US companies. With over 20 years experience Golden Phoenix owns and operates a sewing factory in China and manufactures a wide range of custom sewn products such as custom carrying cases, all types of bags including medical bags, back packs, pouches, holsters, dust covers, webbing straps and safety harness assemblies. We’ve worked in the pet industry support dog beds, dog car seats, and dog jackets.

Clients only need to communicate with their US agents, but will have the benefits of the cost savings & quality workmanship from offshore outsourcing from China.

Why use Golden Phoenix?

  • Contract manufacturing with a professional staff that handles all phases of the contract manufacturing process. An English speaking, designated Account Manager in our California office, assigned specifically to YOUR account
  • No need to worry about ocean freight, tariffs, customs fees for offshore sourcing… They do it all for you! Their price includes all the freight, duty and deliver to your door
  • There are no language, cultural or time barriers to worry about – you will only deal with their US based staff.
  • They custom produce outsourced products to your exact specifications.
  •  They ensure good quality, competitive prices and reliable manufacturing.

How are purchases processed?

  • Your purchase orders are always made to Golden Phoenix International Inc, and they in turn place orders with the factory. Their quotes include all freight charges, tariffs, customs fees and local delivery directly to your facility.
  • It is really no different than buying within the US, except that lead-times are typically 45-60 days longer to allow for the ocean transit & local delivery.

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